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This blog saved to Facebook but not my website at my appologies 21/04/2016 Agency Nursing Hi there hope you all have had a great week. Over the next couple of weeks my blog will be a little different as I am going to talk about Agency nursing after having collegues say that I have the experience to give you the information required, so I can let you know the important things before you start. In 2008 I decided to become an Agency nurse and work in Australia (even though I love in New Zealand) doing Rural and Remote Nursing. I worked for a Nursing Agency who would get me the contract and away I would go. I decided to do this work after my husband wanted to retire from his work and I was past wanting to work permanently also. He would retire and renovate our home up and I would continue working , it was a great arrangement and worked well for us. This gave me the freedom of working three to four months and having two months off after each contract. This didn’t always work out as I often only had a month off but I didn’t mind as I love the work. He was always there to take me to the airport in the early hours of the morning which was two hours away from where we lived, or we would stay the night with a great sister in law who didn’t object to being woken in the early hours of the morning with me getting ready to go to the airport. All travel arrangements were usually made by the Nursing Agency and at the odd time I would do it myself. At the end of contracts that I extended on Gary would come over and we would get a rental car and explore the area. We love it and saw a lot of Australias great outback. There are many Nursing Agencies to choose from and all offer something different.. I researched Nursing Agencies I was interested in and read all comments from Nurses. Once I started working and wanting to join more Agencies it was great meeting up with more agency nurses who had experience to help, and I was able to make informed choices. Agency nursing is exciting and rewarding if you are aware of what is ahead of you. Don’t get carried away with the though of seeing new places, think of you abilities and make sure your skills are what is required Tips on starting The downside of Agency nursing is that you may have to wait for work so I think it is also a good idea to join up with more than one Nursing Agency as if there is no work with one there often is with another Agency. Some Hospitals have their favourite Agencies and use these ones only. Other Agencies will only work in certain areas. Have a current Passport Make sure your Nursing Registration is up to date. There is always a lot of forms to fill out and it is important that you have Health cards up to date for Hospital requirements eg drug screening and inoculations. Make sure you have copies of all paper work as mishaps do occur and when you get to your Hospital and they inform you that there are forms missing, and having certified copies helps. Keep then in a separate file When you get your contract it is important that you read it and understand what it says. If you are not happy with anything contact your Agency and get them to explain it to you. I have worked with Midwives who do not like working in Emergency Departments and have made sure it is their contracts. Remember that the choice of work is yours and if you feel apprehensive about it don’t do it. Learn bout the hospital, how big is it and what facitlies are available. Is there a Doctor on site does it have an Ambulance service as this helps with knowing what you are getting into. Find out about staff accommodation. I found in the more remote areas we did not pay for accommodation but nearer the bigger towns we did, so find out the cost before you get there. I remember one contract I did and was sleeping in the closest as there were not enough beds for Nurses. My Agency soon sorted that one out for me. You have the choice of how long the contract you want to work and many places give you the option of extending. Find out about the area. What is the population and what facilities are available. Check out the transport availability as if you are like me and have no car it is a good idea to know about the transport. As I say this I have worked in a few places where there is no transport in or out. I would have been picked up at the nearest airport and have often traveled more than two hours in a car to reach my destination. If you have you own car check out the garage repair places if needed. Another thing that is important check out the climate as if you are flying you can only have so much weight. Take clothing to suit the climate. I always like to take some personal things like my little blender and paring knife. I also pack small bathroom products to last a few days til I get settled and able to get food etc in. Check tickets before you depart for correct time and date. I have had wrong dates on tickets before. Contact the hospital to ensure that there will be someone there to pick you up at the airport or bus station. Have a good flight So you have arrived at your destination now I will tell you how to adapt to working in different Hospitals as an Agency nurse Everything you need as an Agency Nurse is available from ht://nurse See you next week . Stay safe and well Lynne Check out these passport covers at

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