Thursday, 31 March 2016


Hi there, Hope you have had a good week. I have been in Hospital to have a small procedure done.  Glad its over with and will wait for the results in a week.  Feeling confident.
This week I want to talk about footwear, so it was very fitting to be in Hospital and take note of what Nurses are wearing.  Nothing like in my early nursing career.  I remember having to wear heavy hard white leather shoes and had to clean them with this white polish that didn't work very well.  I had been sent back to the Nurses Quarters to clean them again and another visit to the Matron, who told me she was see me to often for this.  I thought atht is she did see me more often we might get to be on first name basis.

I notices that many of them were wearing sports like footwear. Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet up tp 12 hours in some places and can run many miles on a duty. its great to look trendy but Nurses need shoes are comfortable. Shoes need to be washable as we all know how easy it is to get bodily fluids split on them. Some of the shoes that I saw Nurses wearing had a mesh front on the tops at the toes and I remember having shoes like this and getting bodily fluids on them and had to keep working in them till they dried. Not recommended when working in a place with bodily fluids. When wearing new shoes to work it is always a good idea to bring your old shoes to swap after about six hours as new shoes can start to feel a little uncomfortable if not worn in at home first. There are many Brands to choose from eg, Cherolee, Landau, Dansko, Sketchers to name a few. All have sometime different to offer and have great designs and colours to choose from, but sizing can alter. What fits in one Brand may not fit in other Brands. Some Hospitals insist on closed in heels for Health and Safety issues. Some thing to look for when buying shoes. Look for shoes that are anatomically correct for walking as bad fitting shoes can cause Back pain and Joint pain. Non slip soles are important and now come with patterns for better grip on wet surfaces especially in Operating Theatres. Shoes come with different measurements in heels to suit. Try and get insoles that have memory foam or latex (if not allergic to it), as these can mould to the shape of your feet and keep you comfortable on long days. As our feet can get hot with all the walking it is a good idea to have spare insole to change for coolness. While shoes come with many different fabrics it is an individual reason what we prefer. Leather is also very popular as some Nurses felt they gave more support. They are made with soft leather today and very flexible and come in many great colours and designs. If wanting the whole team to look the same there is a large selection of unisex shoes and clogs to choose from. Have a great week and I will see you all next week Leave me a commemt love to hear from you. Lynne

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