Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hi there another week as passed and hope you all had a great week.  Last week I mentioned about how our uniforms in the late 60s were starch stiff.  They were not designed for comfort but to make you look professional or so the Matrons made you think that.  When we walked you could hear the rustle of  our uniforms as we walked the hallow corridors and busy wards.  When we removed them at the end of a duty you could stand them up in a corner, (that we did and put a mop on the top for a head.  We did get caught and reprimanded for unprofessional behavior),  not to mention that nurses caps were no better.  We all had trouble keeping them on our heads as they were so stiff you couldn't mould them to shape your head and get clips to stay in place.
Its great that in todays nursing world how uniforms have changed and the wearing of Nurses caps are no more.
Most Hospitals require staff to adhere to uniform regulations, but most have the choice of Scrubs or Dress uniforms.  While this is great we have to remember that  we are not all the same shape.  The thing to remember when choosing Scrubs is to look at the length of the top.  If you are short like me some tops are so long they can make us look shorter than we are.  The same can be said if you are tall the tops can be to short.  So it is important when looking for Scrubs you choose the correct one for you.  Well fitting pants are also important.  I preferred the elastic waists as I was able to move more freely but many of my collegues preferred the waist bands.  (They were usually the more leaner nurses).  Remember when we are bending over to do a procedure we don't want to show knicker bands or skin.  Picking Scrubs with pockets is also important as we need to carry so much equipment from Stethoscopes, Scissors, to pens etc.  Pockets well placed on Scrub Pants is an advantage as have to much equipment in Tops pockets as I have had Nurses speaking to me about being weighted down and making them look bulky. 
Remember Patients and Visitors are looking as us and always comment on the appearance of Nurses.
Next week I will discuss the difference in styles and material types and what may suit different body types and in different situations.
Catch you next week  Stay safe and well
Lynne Thyne

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