Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Hi there. My name is Lynne and have been nursing for over 40 years. Let me tell you about myself. I started Nursing as a Community Nurse which was then changed to Enrolled Nurse then I did my Nursing Degree to become a Registered General Nurse. So as you can see I have done two levels of Nursing. I am from New Zealand have worked in England, Scotland and Australia. For the past eight years I have been working for a Nursing Agency in Australia. I work in Rural and Remote areas and have met some of the most amazing nurses ever. I would work three to four months then come back home for a couple of months then off again. I have a great husband who always keeps the home fires burning. When home we go away in our Camper Van. We both love fishing and enjoying the beautiful spots to enjoy and relax in. I am happily married with three children and four Grandchildren who I love dearly. I have just retired or until I get a call to do another contract. After seeing many changes in the Health Profession whether it be in uniforms procedures or learning tools I feel that I am very experienced to write this blog. I will be writing a blog once a week and I will discuss one topic at a time. This blog will coincide with my website nurse I created this website to make it easier for Health Professionals to purchase all nursing products in one place. As this is my first Professional Blog please hang in there I know I will get better. Today I will look back on my first days of training in brief. It was the days when the Matron did the ward rounds and checked all wards. Beds had to have the wheels all turned in one way, pillow cases had to have the openings away from the doors, hospital corners had to be really neat. Doctors were held in awe and we jumped at their every request. When the Ward Sister spoke you have to stand with your hands behind your back and yes sister no sister were all you were allowed to say. Uniforms were starched and left chafing marks on your neck. You stood up when someone more senior came into the room. This is just a brief description of my first days in nursing next week will go more in depth. Have a great week all

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